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At Company of Cars we as a team get to have some sway over our future and how we interact with our customers. That’s huge and you really don’t see that anywhere else!


In 2008, Nairn took what he learned working closely with franchise dealers, auto groups, and independent pre-owned dealers and established – Company of Cars. When Nairn isn’t writing about himself here in the third person or focused on his business, he is an avid athlete, CrossFit enthusiast and Martial Arts practitioner.

“Integrity is an all-the-time thing. You don’t get to pick and choose when it’s applied —you either have it, or you don’t.”


I have been helping people build or rebuild their credit for over 20 years. To find a dealer that wants to do things differently… do things better… that aligns so well with my values… is a rare thing. I am ready for the revolution of auto financing with Credrev Auto Finance


I love working with cars, even more so now … that i don’t have to repair them myself!


Having started in collision repair before jumping to sales, I can confidently say I know cars inside — and out!


Little things done well make big things happen.


From having my first job as an apprentice at Audi and Volkswagen, to being the Workshop Foreman at Porsche, Johannesburg, to my new position at Company of Cars, I have always thought I’ve been blessed with opportunities that most people would never even have dreamed of!


Lucas Chung Inventory Co-ordinator at Company of Cars

Lucas Chung
Inventory Co-ordinator

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