Company of Cars is off to the races!!...sort of. » Company of Cars

Company of Cars is off to the races!!…sort of.

We’re super excited to announce a sponsorship partnership with the UBC Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) that will see the team conceptualize and model, then produce and test and finally race an open wheel track car designed and constructed completely from scratch! The project’s scope is huge and will see the students from UBC compete against 79 other universities and colleges from around the world. For us at Company of Cars it’s an awesome opportunity to invest in the youth that will likely propel our industry and the vehicles it  produces, forward for the next generation.


There are many design restrictions on all levels of “formula” racing and Formula SAE is no different. These restrictions help to maintain a level playing field and ensure that the knowledge, resourcefulness, and creativity of the competing students is put to the test. The bulk of the design restrictions are in place to preserve team parity and ensure driver safety. All cars must meet strict front end impact and rollover standards, and engine intake is limited by the use of an intake restrictor. Cars are only able to compete in a single year which allows younger students to gain as much hands on experience as possible and helps keeps things very competitive.


The project team are a diverse group of talented young engineering students from UBC. They will collaborate, with each individual contributing his or her skills in a specialized area. Everything from the powertrain, chassis, suspension, electronics, controls and even aerodynamics of the car will be carefully modeled and rigorously tested. The completed car will finally be taken to Lincoln, Nebraska to race against over 80 other institutions from all over the world.


We’ve included some pictures and video from last year’s competition to give you all a glimpse of some of the exciting content that’s coming your way. Staff from Company of Cars will be supporting the team by giving them full access to any tools or resources from our service department they need as well as offering financial support to their efforts. We will be touring their facility and attending race and autocross events in the new year. Any of the members of our community that would like to help us support the UBC Formula SAE project with additional sponsorship opportunities can contact us anytime to discuss the possibilities.





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