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If you experience a serious life event and have a serious financial impact as a result. We have options available to protect you and your family. Most individuals want to pay down their outstanding loans as quickly as possible, but sometimes the unexpected can affect your ability to meet your obligations. Life and Disability Insurance coverages can provide flexible protection for your loan obligations

Have you considered how changes in your health or employment status can impact your financial plans? Don’t let financial worries complicate a difficult situation or limit your options. Get the coverage you need.

Some of the coverages we offer:

If you die or suffer a covered accidental dismemberment loss the outstanding balance of your covered personal loans and any interest charged can be paid in full. Neither your family nor your estate would have the financial burden of paying off your loans. And your next of kin will inherit an asset as opposed to a liability

With Loan Critical Illness Insurance, which can be added to your Loan Life Insurance, if you become disabled or critically injured your regular monthly loan payments can continue to be made for you. Your benefits will continue until one of the following occurs – 1) you are no longer critically ill or, 2) your covered loans have been paid in full.

Loan Life and Critical Illness Insurance often have special group rates. For additional comfort, you can extend the coverage to co-borrowers and/or guarantors.

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