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About BMW

Company of Cars has sold hundreds of used BMW's in Vancouver over the past five years and It's easy to do because we're all Bimmer enthusiasts here! Since BMW's (Bavarian Motor Works) humble beginnings in 1916 the BMW brand has risen to an elite status as an automobile manufacturer synonymous with style and unparalleled performance on the road and the track! At Company of Cars we pay homage to this legendary brand's claims of being "The Ultimate Driving Machine" when we are selling or servicing a used BMW. Whether you are chasing something unique, and seemingly unattainable, like a very limited 1 series M coupes (we sold 3 in 24 months) or just a great example of a BMW X5, or BMW 3 Series, we can help you find the best used BMW's for sale in Vancouver.

Want to learn more about buying a BMW? Read our BMW buying guide.

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