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About Cadillac

Established in 1902, luxury car maker Cadillac is the second oldest American car manufacturer. In the over 100 years since it’s inception the marque has garnered a reputation for opulence, refinement and quality but it’s their unending quest for innovation that sets them apart as a luxury manufacturer. In a import crazy city like Vancouver, where it can sometimes seem like there is a BMW, or Mercedes-Benz on every corner a used Cadillac is still something of a rarity. They are the halo brand for GM, who has owned the label since acquiring it in 1909 and were early pioneers of the V8 engine that we still see widely used in production vehicles today. In many cases the roads couldn’t accommodate the upper levels of the performance that these cars were capable of! Although you may not see used Cadillacs for sale in Vancouver much, when we get one at Company of Cars our whole team wants to drive it. Want to learn more about buying a Cadillac? Read our  Cadillac buying guide.

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