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Ferrari was initially founded in 1929 as a racing team by Enzo Ferrari, a racecar driver. The team grew to be very successful in motor racing, and soon began building their own cars.

Today, Ferrari is the most successful team ever in Formula 1, having won 16 world championships. Their pedigree doesn’t stop at just race cars; Ferrari is world-renown for building high performance luxury cars, and their new hybrid supercar called the ‘LaFerrari’ is one of the fastest production cars in the world. At Company of Cars we take tremendous pride in offering used Ferraris. Buying a used Ferrari in Vancouver can be challenging when you consider how desirable these cars are, and the near endless possible variations for models, colors, and options. Our sales professionals are here to help you navigate the purchase process and make sure that the car you buy is everything you expect. Whether you are buying a used Ferrari or servicing a Ferrari that is no longer under manufacturers warranty, Company of Cars is here to help.

You can learn more about buying a Ferrari here, or browse our collection of used Ferraris for sale in Vancouver below.

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