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About Jaguar

British car manufacturer Jaguar is responsible some of the the most timeless and elegant styling to ever appear on production vehicles. They are as well known for groundbreaking designs of coupes and convertibles like the E-Type and XJ-S as they are for the trendsetting lines of saloons like the XJ series and more recently the XF series. If you really want to understand what this British cat is all about get behind the wheel of something from their R-series like the XK-R or the recent F-type R. These motorsport inspired cars find their pedigree in the XJ-220 supercar of the 90’s, which was at the time the fastest production car ever built. Jaguar’s recent foray into the SUV market with the F-Pace may prove to be a game changer by broadening the automaker’s reach and appeal. We hope our selection of used Jaguars for sale in Vancouver are to your liking. Want to learn more about buying a Jaguar? Read our  Jaguar buying guide.

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