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Although involved in a partnership with the French car maker Renault since 1999, Nissan's deep roots in Japanese car culture stretch all the way back to 1914 and it's humble roots in the Datsun brand. No one could have guessed then what a technological powerhouse this humble japanese car maker would become. Their obvious distinction as the producer of the Nismo and Nissan GT-R supercar are only two feathers in the storied cap of this iconic car maker. They are also the mother company of the widely recognized Infinity brand and were an early adopter and pioneer of electric vehicle technology. Rumour has it that they are also working on our generation's next automotive leap forward...the Autonomous Car! If you want to know what's cutting edge in the automotive sector, keep your eyes on Nissan. Company of Cars may have sold more used Nissan GT-R's than any other pre owned dealer in Vancouver. It's a title we intend to keep…

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