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Ross Hwang

I love working with cars, even more so now that I don’t have to repair them myself!


Time with Company of Cars: 14 months
What does your job entail? Providing customers with a great experience.
How did your childhood prepare you for your job today?
My family has been involved with automotives for two generations. I grew up helping my father run his autobody and repair shop and have come to appreciate all the subtle nuances of vehicles. Truly each has it’s own personality.
What is something about you that nobody knows?
It’s a secret. LOL
How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
I mostly spend time with my wife and 3 kids, or at my dad’s shop tearing down vintage Porsche 911’s.
Describe your first car and what you loved or hated most about it?
I saved up and took a 50% loan to purchase a Guards Red 1986 Porsche 944 Manual from London Motorcars.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Jump off a air plane / Skydiving
Why are you passionate about Company of Cars?
I love working with cars — even more so now … that I don’t have to repair them myself!

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