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Thinking about Selling Your Tesla?

We want to buy it!

Thinking about selling your used Tesla and upgrading to another Tesla or another brand? We buy every used Tesla we can get our hands on and we want yours too! So whether you’re interested in trading it in and upgrading to a newer Tesla, or, you want to explore something in another manufacturer’s line up…Yes, yes we want to buy your Tesla!

yes, yes we buy Tesla!


It seems like not a single day goes by where someone doesn’t show up in our showroom or call the store wanting to buy a pre-owned Tesla. The challenge for us? We just can’t buy enough of them for inventory. We have clients looking for used Tesla Model 3 ‘s, used Tesla Model S ‘s, and used Tesla Model X ‘s. There’s a tremendous appetite in the marketplace for used Tesla inventory in Vancouver and all throughout Canada. So if you started your day thinking – I should sell my Tesla, you should know that we started our day, wanting to buy it!

Looking to Sell your Tesla in Canada? We can help.

Tesla Model S

From start to finish, we try to make the whole process as simple and transparent as possible. Usually this starts by establishing value, which can be done in one of two ways. For those that prefer a more traditional approach, you can either bring your vehicle in for a live appraisal at our store, or arrange to have one of our vehicle valuation experts come to you. Don’t expect the agent to use an antiquated method like Canadian Black Book or Kelly Blue Book to determine value. We use cutting edge True Retail Sold data aggregation tools and wholesale valuation tools to help us to determine value. The data is always analysed by one of our experts to eliminate any data outliers that might affect the data set. For those clients that are comfortable, we also offer to evaluate and appraise their Tesla virtually by filling out this form. Of course we always have to confirm the condition, equipment, and mileage in person but pretty much everything else is confirmed and done in advance. Now all you need to do is collect same day payment or apply the value as a trade in on your new purchase.

Tesla Model 3

Even if you are still making lease or finance payments you can trade or sell your Tesla. Our Financial Services Managers calculate the payoff amount, as well as any applicable early termination penalty. Our FSM will determine equity (positive or negative) and you will receive payment for the equity portion or pay the balance of the shortfall. You don’t have to worry about paying out your lease or loan in full prior to selling your Tesla. In certain rare cases there may be restrictions on some leased Teslas depending on the lender or lessor. If you are purchasing a new vehicle and there is some negative equity to overcome, it may be possible to roll it into the financing on the new vehicle.

Definitely! It’s one of the things that we’re best at. We have National Industry Partnerships and can help you secure, negotiate and purchase, virtually any new or used vehicle. We can build and price almost any new make and model. We will also make sure that you are aware of and take full advantage of any and all special programs or incentives. We will negotiate on your behalf and arrange any financing and leasing in advance. 

We can help with that too! It’s very common for our client’s who are already Tesla owners to ask about upgrading to a newer model or something else in Tesla’s line up. We can help arrange this type of transaction. You will receive more for your Tesla and still get access to all the tax incentives you would normally get.


Depending on which Province you are taking delivery in, the taxes can vary. In BC, where luxury tax kicks in at $55,000.00 and then again at $125,000.00 and finally at $150,000.00 tax savings can be up to 26% on something like a fully loaded Tesla Model X. Get in touch with one of our Financial Services Managers today so they can explain any possible tax benefits.

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