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Brake and Tire Replacement and Repair

If your brakes are squealing or chattering or if they vibrate when applied, they need attention. Early inspection and regular maintenance of these items can help prevent problems and prolong their life. All of these issues can be quickly and expertly remedied by one of our qualified technicians. They can diagnose the issue and will select the appropriate parts and install them to manufacturer’s specification. In many cases they can even perform the repair while you wait.  

While we are repairing the brakes we will inspect your tires, measure the tread depth and the overall condition of the tires. Our technicians are looking for cracking, bulges, cuts or signs of tread separation or other issues and will advise you of your tires condition. All of our repairs are followed by a road test to verify the problem has been solved. We also do routine tire swaps, from summer to winter tires and vice versa and can store your spare tires for you if you like.

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