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Cosmetic Reconditioning at Company of Cars

It goes without saying that signs of excess wear and tear on your vehicle can significantly reduce your driving pleasure, but these blemishes and defects can also affect the value of your investment and it’s resale. That’s why Company of Cars offers the same reconditioning services that we use prior to offering our inventory for sale to the public to our clients. It’s our way to ensure that correcting the issue doesn’t become an additional irritation. We believe that it’s also a great way to safeguard your vehicle’s appearance and guarantee that your ownership experience remains untarnished. To arrange cosmetic reconditioning, simply contact our service department and let us take care of everything for you.


Cosmetic reconditioning services we offer

Glass Repair

Because safe driving is only possible if you have good visibility, a stone impact can be a big deal. A correctly and safely repaired stone chip can prevent any cracks in the glass from spreading and breaking the windscreen. We are happy to advise on what types of damage can be repaired and whether or not you will require a windshield replacement.


Dent Repair

Did you know that if there is no paint damage to your vehicle, then often small bulges, buckles and door dings, attributed to minor impact can be repaired without costly bodywork? The depth and position of the damage as well as its size will influence whether it is damage that can be repaired by way of paintless dent removal. If the damage isn’t structural and no parts are required, this type of repair can be much more economical.


Paint Repair

Company of Cars offers mobile spot repair for minor paint and bumper damage and can coordinate more serious damage through our certified bodywork partners. In many cases, knowing which type of repair is best suited for the scope of the damage can be the biggest challenge. Allow the trained eyes of our reconditioning team to help guide you to the most economical and sensible solution.


Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment

When alloy wheels are in great condition, they can be one of the most striking characteristics of your vehicle. Unfortunately they are also prone to collecting damage and scrapes. We can usually repair minor damage inexpensively on the same day, while repair to structural damage may take several days to complete.


Interior Cosmetic repair

We can reduce the damaged and worn areas of your vehicle’s interior just as well a its exterior. Scratches, stains, tears and abrasions can all be repaired or improved in house by our qualified interior repair technician.



We offer a complete host of auto spa packages to improve your vehicle’s condition and appearance. Whether you are looking for a simple wash and interior vacuum, or complete vehicle detail with interior deodorization, carpet extraction, and exterior clay bar, wax and polish, the experts in our auto spa are among the best in the business. Book a complete auto spa experience with us today.

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