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Do you think the franchise dealer is the only shop with the technical ability to service your vehicle? Think again!

We offer OEM-specific scanner coverage for over 48 European, Japanese, and domestic makes and over 100 vehicle systems. Our scan tools usually boot up in less than ten seconds and we can get diagnostic results in as little as 30 seconds. This allows us to spend less time diagnosing the problem and to get straight to the work of repairing the issue. Ultimately it saves our clients time and money! Our exclusive component testing tools narrow down where to connect and what to look for to eliminate guesswork. And our Vehicle System Report offers Global OBD-II Code and readiness monitor results for available systems which allows us to deliver clear and precise estimates.


Diagnostic services we offer:

  • Full computer diagnostics, sensor testing code reading and control unit coding.
  • Diagnostic code reading and troubleshooting.
  • Electrical Systems control unit testing & manufacturer test plan procedures.
  • Integrated full-function scan tools and high-speed scope/graphing meters.
  • Verified parts replacement records and Real Fixes harvested from millions of successful repair orders
  • We have Instant ID that reads VIN’s automatically upon connection to the vehicle for most 2008 and newer vehicles.
  • Our technicians will quickly access common procedures, oil specs and service interval resets.
  • Vehicle System Reports offer all available system results, Global OBD-II codes, and Readiness Monitors on most 2008 or newer models.
  • We can display up to eight live data parameters displayed on-screen at one time in digital format.
  • Component testing.
  • Our unique “cause & effect” diagnostics make it easy to explain the root cause of problems and use powerful functional tests while viewing live data parameters on our scan tools screen.
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