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Help!…My Porsche Cayenne Is Leaking Coolant and Could Double as A Turkish Steam Bath!

Porsche Cayenne V8 Coolant Pipe Update

Have you experienced a sudden and dramatic coolant leak in your Porsche Cayenne V8? It is likely because the plastic coolant lines that run under the intake on your Porsche Cayenne have ruptured causing a catastrophic loss of coolant. It’s extremely important that you don’t attempt to drive the car as it requires immediate and specialized mechanical attention.


Porsche Cayenne V8 models that were manufactured between January 2002 and December 2006 came with plastic coolant tubes that are now known to be defective and prone to premature failure. The problem probably has something to do with the pipes being located beneath the intake manifold in the engine. Encased in that way, the pipes are subject to heat soak from every side and even at speed, there is very little air-flow in that area. It’s a very common problem on these vehicles. Fortunately, it’s also relatively easy to fix.

This problem affects Porsche’s Cayenne S, Turbo, and Turbo S models with 8-cylinder that produced in 2002 through 2006.

The most obvious sign is the presence of coolant on the ground or garage floor. The easiest way to distinguish coolant from other types of fluid on the ground (like an innocuous pool of A/C condensation, for example) is the colour. Porsche coolant is usually pink, so a pink or reddish liquid on the ground (especially after driving long distances) is a strong indicator of a coolant leak. Additionally, problems with the starter motor can also be another possible symptom of coolant leaking from this particular location. Due to these pipes’ location, when they leak coolant it usually fills up the valley in the centre of the engine before appearing anywhere else. After that valley has been filled up, the next place coolant collects is at the rear of the engine eventually moving down onto the starter gear. This can damage the starter, causing starting issues and, if left alone, it can eventually ruin the starter as well.

The cause is unfortunately just poor design. Our friends at Porsche usually get it right but this time they kinda screwed up. It’s a dumb place to put a pressurized plastic pipe with very little airflow that is responsible for conducting hot coolant. The environment the pipes live in combined with their plastic construction virtually guarantee their eventual failure.

This issue usually diagnosis itself! The pipes experience a sudden and catastrophic failure leading to a loss of coolant that renders the Porsche Cayenne undrivable. Generally, this occurs in conjunction with visible coolant leaks and steam billowing from the engine compartment. In some cases overheating also occurs.

It’s important to note that even without the conditions described above the original plastic pipes can still leak. A coolant leak in a Porsche Cayenne V8 can cause significant damage to the engine and also the starter. It is recommended that any V8 Cayenne between 2002 and 2008 should have this update regardless of whether or not they have started leaking.

Once this occurs, there should be a timely diagnosis and quick repair. The starter and transmission torque converter seal can have secondary casualties if they get exposed to the corrosive coolant. As always, the replacement of a torque converter seal or starter is not cheap. Therefore it is necessary to learn about this issue before facing it and spend thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, Porsche has updated these parts since their original manufacturing and this update is now the standard repair for the leaking plastic originals. The updated kit includes new cast-aluminum pipes (pictured below) to replace leaky plastic ones.


Our service team has experience with this updating. By using special overhead cam tools we can update the coolant pipes. We can save you thousands of dollars in costs. While the vehicle is disassembled we can also inspect and repair other possible issues that may be present. This repair can be done in conjunction with repairs like oil leaks at the front timing covers, valve covers, VANOS or variable timing solenoids, internal water tube and vacuum pump. These repairs can also be done at a fraction of the dealer cost.

Give our service department a call today and get a free quote to update your plastic Porsche Cayenne coolant pipe!

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