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Warranty Claim

Extended warranty coverage and making a warranty claim shouldn’t be difficult. In fact it should always be a good experience and money well spent. For a comprehensive list of the items that an extended warranty may cover please click here.

We recommend bringing your vehicle back to our dealership to have repairs assessed whenever possible. We will always refer you to the best solution first! Our service staff is familiar with the vehicle and the warranty claims process. Depending on your contract and policy, we may be able to reduce your deductible.

Our Service Manager will determine if the repair is best conducted at our service facility or sublet to an authorized dealer. We will make certain that you are the one to authorize the repair and diagnosis before any work is completed.

Some warranties will have a small deductible and they all offer varying coverages. Your Financial Services Manager will review your warranties and the coverages with you at time of purchase and you can contact us anytime for items you may be unclear on. We will always reimburse you for 100% of the repair that is eligible under your contract and policy.

If it’s not possible to return the vehicle to us then take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility. Inform the service provider that you have a Company of Cars administered warranty or protection plan when you drop your vehicle off. If you don’t have copies of your warranty contract then contact us and we will provide the repair facility with a copy and help the service advisor to obtain any information required to authorize the repair.

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