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Thinking about Tesla Leasing in Canada?

Can you lease a Tesla? Absolutely.

It’s sort of weird and we don’t know why but one of the most frequent questions our leasing team is asked seems to be, “can you lease a Tesla?” Synonymous with owning the future, Tesla’s truly are some of the most innovative, high performance luxury vehicles on the road today. Couple this with great styling, free gas, little to no maintenance, zero emissions, an amazing safety record and features that update regularly like a smartphone, and you have a brand that truly is one to beat. Whether you’re buying a used, previously owned Tesla from us, or, want us to help you negotiate a Tesla lease direct from Tesla themselves —

yes, yes we lease Tesla!


Here are some things that you should consider if you want to lease a Tesla in Canada. The Product Specialists over at Tesla are enthusiastic and talented individuals that know the vehicles better than anyone. They’re passionate about their mission to disrupt the traditional franchise dealer model by offering direct to consumer sales through the internet coupled with a boutique sales experience. While Tesla does support some limited lease options for Model S and Model X, if you want to lease a Model 3 in Vancouver or anywhere in Canada for that matter, you will have to do it through a third party like us. We applaud Tesla’s revolutionary approach to automotive sales but also recognize that when it comes to things like credit, tax benefits, and deal structure, it’s best to work with trained lease and finance professional. If you want great rates and terms and a payment that matches your budget then reach out to one of our Financial Services Managers for a quote, or fill out our secure credit application and get approved the same day.

Looking for a great Tesla lease in Canada? We can help.

Tesla Model S

When Tesla Model S launched in 2013 it was Tesla’s coming out party. They were no longer just a niche brand, led by a maverick CEO, building small batch orders of a very cool but slightly obscure roadster. Tesla Model S was at that time, first to market, a fully electric sedan, and a marvel of modern automotive engineering. It still is. Model S is the vehicle that exemplifies Tesla’s strategy of combining efficiency and safety with technology and performance. Tesla Model S’ unique electric drivetrain sits beneath the car offering an extremely low center of gravity. This enhances performance and handling while also greatly reducing the risk of rollover. It is the fastest sedan ever built. Performance rivals that of most exotics and hyper-cars with Performance Model S reaching 0-60 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds. Tesla still claims top spot for range in the segment as well over the air software updates that update automatically (just like your phone) without ever having to visit a service center. We’ve arranged competitive terms for  financing and leasing a new Tesla. Have one of our Lease and Finance Specialists arrange a quote for you today!

Tesla Model 3

No vehicle has done more than the Tesla model 3 to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The first model 3’s started delivering in mid 2017 and as production has ramped up so have sales. As of October 2019 Tesla was not supporting sales of Tesla Model 3 in Vancouver with any lease options. In fact, simply put, you cannot lease a Tesla Model 3 in Canada from Tesla directly. Tesla is working with certain select third parties like us to offer leasing to Tesla Model 3 customers. Originally launched as an electric car for the masses, Tesla Model 3 is in fact a compact luxury sedan that happens to be all-electric. It’s priced in the same realm as the Mercedes-Benz C-class and BMW 3-series. It can currently be purchased from Tesla in a number of different configurations, including Standard Range Plus, with Long Range battery and Performance options. If you want better performance and traction in any weather, Tesla Model 3 can also be equipped with Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive. Tesla Model 3 can comfortably accommodate five adults and all of their cargo while simultaneously launching it’s driver and passengers from zero to 60 mph acceleration in as little as 3.2 seconds. If you would like to lease a Tesla Model 3 in Vancouver then speak with one of our Lease Professionals today!

The expansive view through the canopy glass in the Tesla Model X as it rockets from 0-60 mph in a staggering 2.9 seconds, feels more like taking flight than a driving experience. Tesla’s flagship SUV’s ability to accelerate its passengers to a top speed of 155 mph, all while producing zero emissions makes it a very special vehicle. Tesla seamlessly blends cutting edge technology and performance with features like Auto Pilot, falcon doors and 7 passenger seating in a sleek, open and modern package. Tesla Model X is without question the fastest, safest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. Indeed it has set the bar that all other luxury manufacturers will aspire to. If you would like to explore some finance or lease options then speak with one of our Financial Services Managers about leasing a Tesla Model X today. 

Tesla is expecting to begin delivering its first Model Y’s, in the Performance trim, in Fall 2020 with Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive and Long Range variants making it to market in early 2021. Closer in size to a Model 3 than a Model X, Model Y will be spacious enough to carry seven adults with their cargo and just like every other Tesla in the lineup it will offer the most advanced technology, leading range and superior performance. This new model will have ultra-responsive motors that accelerate the driver from 0-60 mph in as little as 3.5 seconds. Tesla also claims a top speed of up to 150 mph. Inside the cabin, Model Y will continue Tesla’s tradition of sleek modern, cutting edge design. It will come standard with panoramic glass roof and it’s elevated seating position should leave the driver with a feeling of spaciousness and an expansive view from wherever you sit in the vehicle. This new model from Tesla is sure to set the bar in the all electric, luxury crossover segment.

Most of the larger manufacturers have a Financial Services division that acts like a bank. It will usually support sales by offering sub-vented finance and lease rates on the models it wants to move the most. This can be a bit of a shell game, where consumers are either offered an artificially low rate, or a cash rebate. Tesla is all about integrity and transparency so this approach doesn’t work for them.  Tesla is in the Tesla manufacturing and sales business but they’re not a bank. They have some limited financing options but nowhere near the depth of options that we can offer. Our team works with a host of established banks like TD Auto Finance in Vancouver, BMO Financial Services, and Scotia and we also work with certain select credit unions. For some scenarios that might be more challenging, we even use select niche lenders. Do you want the best terms and rates? Of course you do. If you have established credit and would rather secure a loan than tie up your cash, we would love the opportunity to provide you with a fast and confidential New or Used Tesla approval. 

Currently the most popular Tesla model sold is Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. It is also the only Tesla model that qualifies for the $5000.00 Federal rebate. This rebate is stackable with a separate $3000.00 Provincial rebate. There may be additional tax savings that can be realized for some self-employed individuals and corporations.  You can review a detailed list of all qualifying models here. For a more comprehensive understanding, you can review the Canada Federal Budget for details on supporting business  through supporting investment in Zero Emission Vehicles. If you’d like to explore the options, speak with one of our Financial Service Managers today.


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