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Tesla is a revolutionary new car manufacturer dedicated to producing high-end fully electric vehicles. Tesla was founded by a group of engineers with a simple principle; to prove that electric cars can be better than cars powered by fossil fuel. However, Tesla is more than just a car manufacturer, they are building a network of electric vehicle charging stations known as ‘Superchargers’, as well as researching and investing heavily into battery technology. For now, Tesla is producing premium luxury vehicles, but a more affordable vehicle called the Model 3 is in the works. At Company of Cars we take pride in offering used Teslas. Our sales professionals are here to help you navigate the purchase process and make sure that the car you buy is everything you expect. Whether you are buying a used Tesla or servicing a Tesla that is no longer under manufacturers warranty, Company of Cars is here to help.

You can learn more about buying a Tesla here, or browse our collection of used Teslas for sale in Vancouver below.

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